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Confirmation is being upgraded! This year we have new curriculum, we are meeting on a new night, and we will have a new experience.

The curriculum is now a two year program specifically for our 7th and 8th grade youth. It is designed to be used in a class or at home with your family. It has elements that carry over from our last curriculum; like opportunities for discussion, memory work with parents, and in-depth study of Scripture and Luther's Small Catechism. It adds video-based learning, discussion oriented questions, and opening and closing prayers. All this comes in a simplified, single-page format for each lesson.

Confirmation is moving to Tuesday nights! This will allow it to coincide with the Echo Youth Nights for high school youth. Beginning at 6:00 pm, the Confirmands will eat together in fellowship with high school youth. Following this will be a brief youth oriented worship service before going to their class at 7:00 pm. The desire is to create cohesion between the Elevate middle school youth program and the Echo high school program.

We recommend downloading these free apps for your Confirmand to use on their phones.

YouVersion Bible App.jpeg

YouVersion Bible App

  - Apple App store

  - Android Play


Luther's Small Catechism

  - Apple App store

  - Android Play

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